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We are a creative agency specializing in branding & strategic marketing.
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We approach every project from the point of view that our client's mission is our platform. Elevating a brand by verbally and visually communicating the company vision and mission is our specialty. We work collaboratively and nimbly, bringing together a carefully curated team of talent to design authentic digital and print brand experiences that endure in the hearts and minds of the target audience.

Featured Work
"Touchmark has been working with Think Joule for about a year. We hired them to help us brand and market a new product segment for our company, and they have done a great job thinking outside the box and creating a thorough marketing plan. They are a great group of people to work with!"
Recent Clients
June 08, 2016

Meet Our Strategist

Meet the newest member of the Think Joule family. Jamie started full-time at Think Joule in April and is the driving force behind our rededicated blogging effort. She is also the resident copywriter/strategist and a devout pomsky enthusiast. Learn more about her, where she’s from and what she’s working on, below. Read More...
March 22, 2016

Google AdWords 101

Get the rundown on Google AdWords and if it's the right ad strategy for your business. Read More...
March 04, 2016

Meet Our Studio Manager

Meet Erica Thomas. Erica started at Think Joule in January and oversees everything we do here. She's that mythical combination of right brain/left brain able to keep us all on track while harnessing some serious brainstorming power. Learn more about her, where she’s from and how she juggles a near Herculean number of tasks. Read More...