December 02, 2014

Game Changers

We love clients who are strategically brave—those who are willing to take a leap of faith and get behind a great idea. An idea, of course, grounded in strategy. It takes a strong brand platform and self-confidence to launch a strategically brave advertising campaign. Look no further than Portland’s own backyard at Marylhurst College with their target market appropriate, “The University for Grown-ups” campaign, or the Portland Timbers, who dared showcase images of fans rather than players through their, “We Are Timbers” campaign for examples of success.

When we pitched our client with the Game Changer campaign idea, our good friends at Vigillo recognized the opportunity to rise above the product-centric advertising approach of their trucking industry. We launched an equally daring, outside-the-industry-standard-box campaign, one that spoke directly to intelligence of their target market, and served to humanize their product.

The premise of the campaign was meant to set the stage for the introduction of their breakthrough BI tool, Athena, a product that would transform how the transportation industry can use big data to improve safety. We launched the game changer campaign on social media and over the course of two months rather than focus on the product itself, we focused on introducing two to three historical inventors a week who had made significant contributions to safety, particularly in the transportation industry. Their very ordinary and human stories made them interesting and approachable.

Next, we leveraged the social media campaign by placing print ads in key industry-specific magazines and in high profile pieces at the major industry conferences that introduced the same historic game changers. The summer-long build-up led to an email campaign and an invitation for peer nominated contemporary game changers to be identified and announced in the fall at the biggest tradeshow of the year.

The result exceeded our clients’ expectations. Their brand new BI tool is now highly recognizable in the crowded product landscape of the transportation industry. The personality-centric campaign generated buzz, interest, anticipation and inbound inquiries for Vigillo, a company that constantly seeks to change the game for the customers they value.