February 12, 2016

Spreading the Love

You may (or may not) have noticed our blog absence in the last year. It's because we've been busy answering phones and emails, meeting clients, creating pixel perfect work and developing some stellar, iconic brands—not to mention hanging with the office pomskies and on-boarding our first intern of 2016! Even though there is never a dull moment, we love the work we do, and the people we do it for.

We are recommitting ourselves to the Think Joule blog as a means to emphasize all we love about design, community and the design community in Portland. Our designers Danielle & Bre will offer trade tips and shortcuts; our studio manager Erica will shine a spotlight on people we love in this community; and I'll be heading up Think Joule Academy where we'll share the wisdoms we've gleaned from our years in the field. We'll explore design trends and inspirations, and highlight creative initiatives around town, such as the upcoming Green Loop Project. Also find monthly doses of our studios pups Porter & Jazz! 

Thanks all you mavericks, dreamers and innovators for sharing in our vibrant community. Will you be our Valentine?