April 05, 2016

5 Photoshop Shortcuts

Ever get the feeling that you're spending more time in negotiations with Photoshop than getting actual work done? You know what you want to do but not how to do it. We've all been there. Here's a quick list of my favorite time saving keyboard shortcuts: 
Undo Undo Undo: Cmd + alt + z
A frustrating Photoshop default is that you can only undo your last action using Cmd+z instead of being able to undo a series of actions. To be able to undo freely without having to use the history tab to access an older version of the file, use Cmd+alt+z and then undo your little heart out!
Why I love this: Because it allows me to play and try new effects without worrying I will lose a past state of the document. It makes being a perfectionist much easier.
Duplicate a layer or a selection of a layer: Cmd + j
Often when I need to make an edit or add an element to an image I also need to preserve the existing image. A quick way to create a duplicate is to select a portion of the image you wish to copy using Cmd + j. Now you have a new copy to play with while maintaining the original.
Why I love this: I use this ALL THE TIME when mocking designs up or editing photos. Trust me, it’s just really awesome.
Swap out brush sizes: "[" or "]"
This shortcut allows you to quickly change the brush size for any tool you are using. Simply pressing the left bracket key "[" will make the brush smaller and the right bracket will enlarge the brush. These simple shortcuts lets you easily swap out brushes so you can get on with your edits.
Why I love this: Time efficient! When you juggle as much as I do, you need time on your side.
Copy effects: Alt + Click and drag
Once you've created the perfect set of effects on an object, you can quickly copy them to all the other layers by simply clicking alt and dragging the effects you wish to duplicate to the other layers. 
Why I love this: Efficiency! (Sensing a theme here?)
Combine and Merge Layers: shift + alt + cmd + e
If you have many complex layers and need to merge them all into one unified layer, select the layers you which to merge and click "shift + alt + cmd + e” to duplicate them into one new flat layer. 
Why I love this: It allows me to create a flat layer with a smaller file size and additional editing capabilities, without losing all of the complex details in the separate layers.