June 08, 2016

Meet Our Content Strategist

T J : Where were you before you came to Think Joule? What were you doing?
Jamie: "I've been working as a chef for the last nine years. A chef essentially creates highly customized dining experiences for a wide range of events that are unique to every client. That work translates very naturally to brand. The high level of customization and the necessary attention to detail is all part of the work I do here at Joule, cooking up some serious brand strategy." 


Q: How did you hear about Think Joule? How did you find yourself here?
A: I was looking for a creative outlet and a break from the kitchen. Jennifer has been in my life for as long as I can remember, and I've witnessed Think Joule's evolution from an idea to a fully formed studio. I knew that they made truly beautiful, highly personal work. I wanted a chance to be involved in the creation process. I kept sending Jennifer resumes and cover letters for other jobs—ahem: hint, hint. Finally she called and said, "Hey, what about Think Joule?" I jumped on that offer. I wasn't a shoo in though; these ladies made my earn my spot here. My interview lasted almost 2 hours!"

Q: What projects have you been working on here?
A: “Every day looks different, which I love.  I'm responsible for a lot of the research, content, and copy that is necessary for the rest of the work we do. Relaunching the blog has been a great collaborative project with the whole studio. Think Joule loves working as a team. We have a big whiteboard in the back that we use for collective brainstorming, there's a lot of brain power here and we really get into the process. Implementing all of our ideas is sometimes a whole other thing..."

Q: How do you come up with blog ideas?
A: "I make huge lists of everything I can think of that really range in subject. I try to think about what might interest a reader and I write all of it down. All of it. 90% of the initial ideas end up on the cutting room floor. How many articles do we really need that encourage mid-day stretching?? I run what's left over by the rest of the team. They are really supportive and help me to flesh out the good stuff. 


Q: How do you like Portland?
A: “It’s great! I grew up here so I don't mind the rain. I'm firmly of the camp that there's no bad weather, only poor clothing choices. Not that I always make the best clothing choices but I'm aware that they exist. You find things to love about the rain, like how it creates such an abundance of moss. I'm trying to turn my backyard into a moss garden but it is S-L-O-W growing.”


Q: What do you do when you're not at Think Joule?
A: I spend a lot of my free time reading authors that I admire, writing creative non-fiction, and trying not to psych myself out! I also love all of the independent cinemas in the city, especially Laurelhurst and the Baghdad. Oh, and I have cats.