February 23, 2018

Travel Journal: Venice

What inspirations are you bringing back to Think Joule?

  • Patterns, colors and vibrancy
  • Attention to detail, no aspect of any design is unimportant. It all counts and needs to be designed thoughtfully.
  • Functional, simple and cost-effective wayfinding is THE BEST. The simple painted typographic signs throughout the city made it possible to navigate the tiny corridors that makeup up Venice.
  • There are thousands of solutions for the same design problem, you just need to find the one that makes sense. It was incredibly interesting to see the various designs of front doors on the Venetian homes. Although some were similar, no two were the same.
  • A refreshing perspective on life in general.

The best part about planning this vacation has been…

Knowing that half of the adventure for this trip was getting lost. Wandering and exploring was part of the plan which made the unknown exciting. 

The reason I chose Venice is…

Fulfilling a lifelong dream! As a child—and to be honest even as an adult—I was fascinated by the city with gorgeous architecture built on water. The movies make it look magical—the architecture is stunning, the canals are mesmerizing, the history is captivating and the photographic views are breathtaking. It wasn't a hard choice!

blog-travel-journal-venice-grand-canal.jpgThe Grand Canal

blog-travel-journal-venice-st-marks-campanile.jpgTop of St Mark's Campanile

 blog-travel-journal-venice-collage-1.jpgDoorbell Labels & Rialto Bridge Wayfinding

blog-travel-journal-venice-murano-1.jpgMurano, Italy

blog-travel-journal-venice-santa-maria.jpgBasilica di Santa Maria della Salute


Finally arriving here, I am surprised to find…

How picture perfect the city is. I arrived in Venice with extremely, over the top, high hopes—once I got there I felt like I was in a movie made for me. Everywhere I looked was just as gorgeous as the last view. The cobblestone streets are clean and quaint, the narrow canals are calm and full of the most adorable backyard views, the bridges are infinite and the people are energetic.

Something surprising about the local culture is…

Transportation! You have two options: walk or take the water taxi, aka Vaporetto. There are no cars or bikes in the city, which limits your options, but also makes the city much more unique. Taking the Vaporetto was not only easy, but it gives a completely different perspective of the city and its stunning buildings.  


blog-travel-journal-venice-collage-1-doors.jpgDoors of Venice

blog-travel-journal-venice-canal-small.jpgNarrow Canal 


Burano, Italy

blog-travel-journal-venice-lemoncello.jpgLemoncello Shots

blog-travel-journal-venice-grand-canal-2.jpgThe Grand Canal at the Rialto Bridge

View from the Bridge of Sighs, Doge's Palace


The top five highlights of the trip were…

  1. Eating meals on the canals and drinking wine in the palazzos
  2. Visiting Burano and Murano, little islands northeast of Venice
  3. The architecture's beauty, and being surprised at every turn
  4. Spending time and bonding with my mom in Europe
  5. Taking the Vaporetto through the Grand Canal



blog-travel-journal-venice-hotel.jpg Hotel Near the Scalzi Bridge


Basilica Floor Patterns 



blog-travel-journal-venice-st-marks-campanile-2.jpgTop of St. Mark's Camponile

blog-travel-journal-venice-rialto.jpgRialto Bridge 


Support, Sculpture by artist Lorenzo Quinn