Founding partners Ann and Jennifer have a knack for distilling the brand essence of a company and communicating it authentically to the target market. Having met in the world of philanthropy, their shared love of shaping brands grounded in vision and mission led them to form Think Joule. This enabled them to share their passion for helping clients make real connections by accurately and genuinely communicating who they are and why it matters. This same passion filters to their collaborative approach in their studio where everyone has a voice at the table, design is driven by strategy and the best idea always prevails. 

Our Team

Jennifer Bryan

Founding Partner / Creative Director


About Jennifer Bryan

Jennifer brings over 20 years of design strategy and brand development leadership to the team at Think Joule. Jennifer’s degree is in Visual Communication and she loves translating that into relevant and memorable experiences for clients. Her passion lies in finding layers of meaning and crafting daring advertising and marketing campaigns that elevate client business goals. 
Equally at home designing for print and digital, she seeks to lead the design team to create elegant and enduring brands. When not attached to her mouse, Jennifer is out in the world seeking inspiration to deliver fresh perspectives and approaches to design solutions. 

Favorite Book:
Anything by Ann Patchett. Right now, Truth and Beauty. But if I were to find myself on a desert island I would wish for A Moveable Feast so I could eternally imagine myself in Paris.

Biggest Design Crush:
I have to go old school for this, Milton Glaser: bold, complexity resolved, enduring.

Favorite Morning Beverage:
Kimodo Dragon, drip, black and surface of the sun hot.

Favorite Thing About Portland:
Flying back in from anywhere in the country and knowing I call Portland home. Favorite city. Hands down.

Jamie Bourgidu

Content Strategist / PM


About Jamie Bourgidu

Jamie is a voracious bibliophile. She arrived at Joule by way of Philadelphia and brings with her nine years of hospitality experience and a Master of Science in Communications. Her hospitality experience lends itself perfectly to brand and communication development in that both rely on attention to minute detail to deliver a delightful end-user experience. 
Jamie is adept at developing artful content strategies based on the client’s business objectives and tracking every detail across the project life cycle. Whether managing campaigns for social media, writing witty and relevant copy, or cracking the whip to meet pending deadlines, she is a detailed idea generator who never tires of pursuing perfection.

Secret Superpower:
Spontaneity. I’m game for just about anything at the drop of a hat.

What Inspires You to Get up Each Morning? 
My cat Cecil B Meow who is convinced that if I don’t he might soon starve.

Title of Bio:
Don't Tell Me No 

Favorite thing about Portland: 
Independent movie theaters showing a great range of contemporary, classic, foreign and domestic films.

Dream Pet: 
A jungle cat. A benevolent jungle cat who wouldn’t accidentally (or intentionally) maul me.

Bre Tauscher

Graphic Designer


About Bre Tauscher

Bre made her way to design by combining her two great, seemingly conflicting, passions: creativity and structure. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Portland State University she joined Think Joule where she has spent the last 5 years as a designer, brand strategist, and resident print expert. There she brings her enthusiasm for information, mean organizational streak, and keen eye for detail to her work and the brands she and the rest of the Think Joule team develop from the ground up. 
In addition to brand design, Bre has honed her expertise in all things tactile, and leads the charge at Joule in fabrication for everything from simple business cards and brochures to complex wayfinding systems and exterior signs of buildings. In her free time she continues to nurture a profound appreciation for the design community in Portland with involvement in AIGA, Be Honest, and Friends of Graphic Design. 

Secret Superpower:
The ability to pack/organize beyond the ken of mortal men. After 9 moves in 5 years and a lifetime in tiny apartments I've honed my spacial awareness to near superhuman levels.

What inspires you to get up each morning?
Sometimes a challenge in good design, occasionally the prospect of a beautiful day in a city I love, usually the promise of overly-caffinated coffee.

Biggest Design Crush:
Jessica Hische, the design saint of the drop cap.

Favorite Movie:
The Count of Monte Cristo. It has everything; revenge, intrigue, romance, sword fights, kidnapping, prison breaks, and more! Also, I've always dreamed of making an entrance at a party by arriving in a hot air balloon.

Danielle Beattie

Graphic Designer


About Danielle Beattie

Danielle has a gift for executing pixel perfect design while paying special attention to detail and timelines. She is a graduate of Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. She has the enviable ability to translate the user experience into both beautiful design and functionally intuitive solutions. While acting as Lead Designer in UX/UI at Think Joule, she has developed a library of digital assets that create visual solutions and maximize the end-user experience. 
Danielle loves the design challenges she faces each day and is constantly striving to lead the pack in technology trends, user experience standards, web platforms and interactive design techniques. Her undying love and curiosity for culture informs her work, keeping the creative process fresh and inspiring new design concepts. Danielle’s can-do mentality and dedication to flawless execution ensure that she is always delivering the best possible work to our clients. 

Favorite spot off the beaten path?
The very top of Latourell Falls. I get an adrenaline rush and an overwhelming sense of natural beauty the earth has.

Biggest Design Crush:
Bri Emery, the founder, editor, and art director of DesignLoveFest. She creates such beautiful things.

Favorite Thing About Portland:
It’s such a small big city. There is always something to do, but you never feel too overwhelmed by its size.

Favorite Pet:
A Mini Elephant!

Matt Rodenbeck

Motion Graphic Designer


About Matt Rodenbeck

Matt Rodenbeck is a talented creative with a passion for crisp, elegant design and smart, efficient solutions to problems. Previously a student of music, he took that passion for movement and energy and focused it towards motion graphics during his senior year at PNCA – a direction he is excited to continue pursuing throughout his professional career.

Joining the Think Joule team in March of 2017, Matt has proven himself to be a capable addition to the team. He excels in design strategy, logo and graphical asset development, editorial content and research—and recently produced a series of animation shorts for multiple clients. Matt excels at staying on top of digital trends to provide innovative and creative solutions that serve to set our clients apart from the competition.

Secret Superpower:
Probably flying. I have a love for anything that gets my heart pumping – and I’m terrified of heights. It might just be the best way to both confront my phobias while also pretending I’m Iron Man.

What inspires you to get up each morning?
That’s an easy one. I get to make something. I look at every day as another opportunity to learn and create – if I go through an entire one without doing either, I consider it a waste.

Biggest Design Crush:
Alexey Romanowski. He’s a Russian motion designer that composes huge visuals for touring musicians. He recently organized a tour for Royksopp, and the videos he produced are nothing short of breathtaking.

If you were a typeface what typeface would you be?
Futura, with a little bit of Didot if I’m feeling fancy.

Ann Edlen

Founding Partner, Retired


About Ann Edlen
Ann is a Jersey girl who graduated in the first class of women at the University of Notre Dame. She combined a degree in art with graduate work in business that led to a 30-year calling in advertising and marketing. Following her position as Vice President and Marketing Director at First Interstate Bank (now Wells Fargo), she began a second career in consulting and marketing as a fund raiser in the non-profit sector. She thrives on the process of refining projects to their essence and picking just the right messaging to express them powerfully. She has a 30-year partnership with her husband in which she shares his passion for their three children and for leaving future generations a more sustainable world grounded in respect for all resources; human, economic and environmental.

Secret Superpower?
Storytelling….the facts notwithstanding!

Favorite Book
Anything by Anne Lamott, so human, so funny, so powerful.

Favorite place off the beaten path:
In a scull in the channel behind Ross Island on the Willamette River which is sublime just after dawn.

Favorite Thing about Portland:
Collaboration rules.

Porter & Jazz Bryan

Studio Pomskies


About Porter & Jazz Bryan
Porter Bryan and his baby sister, Jazz, are energetic ambassadors of good design. They are a newer breed known as a Pomsky, a mix of Pomeranian and Husky. The result is delightfully spirited small dogs with big dog personalities. Porter and Jazz love hiking in the mountains, walking on the waterfront, snuggling on the couch and devouring bones. A typical day at the office involves posing for Instagram, barking at the mailman and boosting morale. Jazz assists Porter in his role as Chief Director of Visitor Services & Community Engagement.

Secret Super Power:
Able to sit, shake, lie down and roll over in one swift movement – especially in the presence of steak.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?
Burst into Glitter

Favorite Thing About Portland:
My people live here!

Zuri Beattie

HR Intern