Finding the Love in Big Data

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A major new product launch from transportation software gurus Vigillo sought to bring the power of big data to the desks of its customers through actionable business intelligence solutions. Developed on a rapid-fire timeline to meet industry demand, Think Joule’s challenge was to create a coherent, approachable identity that could be applied to the marketing and product interface alike, making big data palatable for even the most novice user.

At the foundation of this ground-up brand was the name Athena and underlying brand promise of attaining wisdom. A high-tech yet personable identity was crafted, with a logo that lent a decidedly human touch.

Strategically Brave

Next came the daunting task of humanizing this powerful BI tool. Starting with a very brave and human tagline “Fall In Love” and continuing with the rest of high level messaging, we sought to make the product approachable by communicating its features and functionality through the direct customer benefits. 


Humanizing the UX/UI

With the customer benefits and functionality clearly defined, our next task was to humanize the product interface. By considering the ever-important relationship between UX and UI we developed an elegant front end that moves the end-user seamlessly through a complicated BI tool.


We created a clear navigational pathway to the interactive dashboards, the central deliverable of Athena. The challenge was assisting in designing effective dashboards. The key to successful data visualization comes down to the smallest details of labeling and cohesive color palettes that offer high contrast. 

Exhaustive color palette and icon studies were conducted to deliver the most effective contrasting elements to enhance both legibility and the overall brand.

Whether writing headlines to make the product accessible, stripping away extraneous navigation to make it more intuitive, or designing the smallest icon to make it visually digestible, every detail was given the utmost consideration to achieve the ultimate user experience.

Spreading the Love

Our highest design goal was to create an elegant experience where customers fall in love with this valuable BI tool. This vision was realized at the product launch, where its debut was set to coincide with one of the industry’s major executive conferences. Since then, customers continually relay that moving through Athena is akin to a spiritual experience.

“We were stuck on how to design the user experience for our new Big Data BI product. We spoke to a number of design firms and decided on Think Joule. We are glad we did as they delivered a beautiful solution that exceeded our vision for a new class of embedded BI products targeting Big Data solutions.”
— Peter Rowe, CTO, Vigillo