Intelligent Strategies for Sustainability

Services Collateral & Stationery / Logo Refinement / Presentation Templates

Brightworks is a nimble sustainability partner with the capability to design tailored solutions for their clients’ unique needs.

The Brand Expansion

Brightworks approached Think Joule to tackle their brand refresh. They were well on their way with a brand new logo, but they needed graphical and typographical assets to create a new brand image to carry across multiple deliverables.

Our first order of business was to design their business cards. With locations in several cities and an extensive roster of employees with impressive credentials, our first challenge was to design a flexible card to accommodate varied information. Not to mention it had to be eco-conscious as well as beautiful.

A Unified Identity

Next we supported a slate of high profile speaking events by designing a flexible presentation template that elevated their brand presence. The result was the organization’s ability to communicate with a unified identity to all audiences.

Finally, we dove into an extensive examination of typography and the application of color to communicate the different aspects of their brand personality. We developed brand guidelines that could convey their professional, sophisticated business-side, but was flexible enough to extend to the modern, approachable, youthful and energetic side that certain pieces needed to communicate. 

A Good Story to Tell

The introduction of brand guidelines and beautiful report and powerpoint templates has helped solidify the visual identity of Brightworks. A strong brand platform serves to strengthen the organization's visibility and support the important work of creating a positive legacy through intelligent strategies for sustainability.  

“We are so grateful for the insight, judgment, and flexibility Think Joule brought to the recent redesign of our brand identity. Looking forward to collaborating further in coming years.”