Columbia Investments

Bringing Focus to a Pragmatic Brand

Services Collateral Materials / Logo & Identity / Messaging / Website

An established business entity for over 25 years, Columbia Investments engaged Think Joule to create a new identity to include a logo and wordmark, tagline and updated messaging. Additionally, Think Joule was tasked with developing a website to reflect the characteristics and competencies of the company, enabling prospects and customers to quickly understand who the company is, what they do, and their extraordinary skills. 

Straight Talk

Rebuilding the brand from the ground up, Think Joule established a strong, pragmatic and powerful identity that reflected the unique characteristics and values of the founder.

A new logo, wordmark and color palette were created, and a complete stationary set was produced. A website was created to quickly and easily tell the story of the company mission, services, investment and business partners. 

Telling the Story

Columbia Investments is using the new identity to tell the story of their company to prospects and reinforce loyalty with customers.