Gerding Edlen

Repositioning for a New Era

SERVICES Brand Strategy / COLLATERAL Materials / Environmental Design / Logo & Identity / Messaging / Website

Developer Gerding Edlen emerged from the challenges of the recession a company with a broad and diverse set of corporate competencies. Executive management brought Think Joule to the table to enhance their brand as a green developer and place maker, reflecting their expertise in investment, property and asset management and infrastructure development. 

A Fresh Identity

Additionally the company sought to leverage their significant expertise in sustainability to position themselves as leader in creating community and investment value across a broad segment of the overall real estate market.

Envisioning the Future

Think Joule engaged Gerding Edlen in a series of highly targeted sessions to determine their insights about the company, the qualities of the work they engaged in, the reasons for their survival in an excruciating economy, what they loved and where they envisioned the company in the future. These sessions led to the discovery that their founding principles were very much at the core of their past success and would continue to be the foundation for future success.

It was also apparent that the communication of their deepest values had been largely overlooked in their brand and communications. As a result of this discovery, an enhanced vision and mission statement was crafted to guide logo and tagline development, as well as graphical direction and messaging for deliverables. 

A National Platform

Gerding Edlen’s brand refresh has provided a strong foundation for the company, as they continue to expand their portfolio to bring sustainable projects to cities across the US. For residents, investors, and visionary leaders alike, Gerding Edlen’s commitment to people, planet and prosperity have made an impact nationally and internationally.