Indigo @ twelve | west

Where Luxury & Sustainability Meet

Services Advertising / Brand Strategy / Collateral Materials / Event Planning / Logo & Identity / Naming / Website

This luxury apartment and mixed-use building had all the right pieces: sustainable building design, well-crafted features, a central location and sweeping views of the City of Roses. But it needed a push in the right direction—a striking identity and buzz-worthy marketing platform—to fully realize the brand potential of this new building and the emerging neighborhood outside of its doors.

The building’s design-forward, eco-chic apartments were a natural fit for a target market seeking urban living. The larger challenge at hand was to align project stakeholders and neighborhood partners around a shared vision for the location, a transitional neighborhood in the early phases of revitalization.

By engaging the community through a variety of cultural, artistic, and non-profit collaborations, we encouraged personal investment and early demand. The early awareness strategy included a citywide “Name the Building” campaign that garnered thousands of entries, attracting widespread project recognition and a flurry of early reservations.

We then developed a bold and iconic brand for Indigo, paying homage to street art and high design alike to create a distinctive identity that was true to the neighborhood. A complementary identity for twelve | west conveyed a sophisticated, urban vibe for the ground floor retail storefronts and architectural headquarters that shared the building.

Think Joule leveraged print, web, and experiential channels including a pop-up art gallery and a street fashion show to generate and sustain interest leading up to the building opening. The opening event saw lines out the door, exceeding expectations and laying the foundation for Indigo @ twelve | west to become Portland’s newest desirable address.

Beyond the Building

By creating a brand platform that attracted attention far beyond the target market, Think Joule’s marketing strategy not only led to lease-up in record time, but also helped create momentum for the neighborhood’s continued growth. The West End is now home to a diverse mix of independent businesses and is thriving as a hub for the kind of food, design and culture that Portland has built its reputation on.