Jesuit High School

Endowing a Sustainable Future

Services Art Direction / Copywriting / Editorial Design / Messaging

Think Joule was called to assist Jesuit High School in launching a substantial fundraising campaign to support the building of a new Science Center, as well as an endowment for faculty and financial aid.

Exploring the various fundraising needs led us down the path of developing a comprehensive case statement which encompassed all aspects of community outreach. The addition of sustainability as one of the core Jesuit values allowed us to create messaging and takeaways that reinforced the need to thoughtfully “Endow the Future.”

Reflecting Values

The entire campaign was built around weaving the values, principles and mission of the high school into the messaging. Great care was taken to accurately convey the impact this expanded commitment would have long into the future and communicate this through the rich history and traditions of a Jesuit education.

Leading the Way

As a result of the successful fundraising campaign, the school raised the necessary funds to build a landmark Gold LEED Science Center and was able to provide financial aid for students. Presentation materials and brochures were instrumental in conveying this timely and powerful call to action.