Making the Complex Simply Home

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As one of the nation’s first mixed-use passive house buildings in the nation, this new apartment gained early attention for reaching ambitious new goals in sustainable design. But, for those who would walk through its front doors every day, this would be home.

Our challenge was to develop a name and an identity from the ground up that touted the building’s brag-worthy sustainability credentials while bringing to the forefront the many other reasons that its residents would be proud to call it home.

Handcrafted Living

Distilled down to the basics, Passive House technology relies in large part on techniques like high-quality building and thick, highly insulated walls. With a nod to these common-sense sustainability strategies, as well as the neighborhood of makers that share the streets, KILN was born. Custom letterforms spoke to the modern industrial feel of the building design and led to a bold and memorable mark.


Telling the Passive House Story

Architects, engineers and builders employed complex calculations, new materials, and exacting construction techniques to ensure KILN was up to Passive House standards. But for its residents, the story they needed to know was simple: passive house = cozy living.



Beyond Home

KILN's striking branding helped to garner early interest in the project, and the high-performance building continues to generate enthusiasm among a broad audience. Beyond the tenants now living in this unique Portland apartment, KILN has attracted the attention of architects, engineers, designers and other individuals excited about this leading-edge project.