Pacific NW Properties

Unlocking the Secret of Success

Serivces Brand Positioning Workshop / Brand Strategy / Copywriting / Messaging

Pacific NW Properties is a people company who pride themselves in having great and sustainable relationships with their tenants and partners. They specialize in the development, acquisition, ownership and property management of multi-tenant light industrial parks. The market knows them as “the top business park operator” in Portland or “one of the best landlords” in town.

Plan and conduct custom discovery workshop

Capture and distill

Present key findings/recommendations

Define deliverables and strategic plan for implementation

When they approached Think Joule, they were going through a succession/transition. It was very important to the new management team to define the values and principles which had been instilled for so many years, while at the same time constantly finding ways to improve, evolve and grow.

Over the course of several weeks, PNWP partnered with Think Joule to hone in on the shared values that would bring unity and alignment across the company. We led a series of discovery workshops designed to let every voice be heard. In answer to the question "what get's you excited to come to work every day, why do you exist?" we successfully defined their North Star and distilled the essence of their company to: "We exist to help make people's dreams come true."

The aspirational and motivational nature of this statement infused a sense of purpose and pride that resonated across the entire company and became the tether for their core purpose and values.

“Recently, I visited one of the coolest spaces downtown that I’d ever seen. The walls were tattooed with inspirational print text and images. I called the building owner and said, “who is responsible for this?” They said Think Joule. I picked up the phone and called Jennifer -- Within 2 minutes of talking to her, I realized that our company needed Think Joule and I hired them on the spot! Fast forward a few weeks, Think Joule took our company on a “discovery” journey, and helped truly define our brand personality, core values and challenged us to take a step back and think about “why” we get up in the morning and come to work every day. Impactful, motivational and absolutely eye-opening.”
—Evan Bernstein, Director of Leasing and Acquisitions, Partner, Pacific NW Properties
"Think Joule is a force to be reckoned with. Within hours of our first meeting, they successfully immersed themselves into our culture, uncovering and synthesizing our heart and values. Think Joule has an uncanny ability to clarify complex ideas and distill them into a format that is easy to understand, impactful, and — most of all — actionable. Their final product blew us away and gave us practical tools to make future decisions."
—Daniel Sanderman, Business Operations Manager, Pacific NW Properties