Portland State University

Capturing the Heart & Soul of a City

Services Copywriting / Messaging

A planned renovation and expansion project at Portland State University would create a new campus landmark, housing athletics, academics, and community events in the heart of the city. Think Joule, working with the architectural and marketing team at ZGF, developed a strategy to attract prospect interest and to convert that interest into support for the new Viking Pavilion.

Messaging was developed that focused on the Academic, Cultural, Athletic and Civic programming supported by the building. Copy focused on how the architectural principles guiding the design tied strongly to the mission and vision of the university providing value both to the university community and to the city at large.

This approach significantly broadened the appeal of the project, allowing the university to approach donors engaged by sports, academics, the arts, business and those individuals committed to the quality of life citywide.

Broadening the Base

The campaign has successfully engaged donors across a broad spectrum. The messaging and copy developed in the campaign collateral piece informed the talking points to internal and external constituents.