Freedom to Be

SERVICES: Brand Strategy / Collateral Materials / Graphic Design / Logo & Identity / Messaging

The founders of ShadeSuits approached us to create an identity for their newly trademarked full-body swimwear. Their line was born of necessity, a daughter with albinism needed full coverage to protect her skin from sun exposure, but they also wanted more. They sought to create a product line that would have broad mass appeal. 

A Bold Identity

Through our discovery sessions we determined that in order to appeal to our primary audience, peer-driven and social media influenced pre-teens, we needed the brand to be cool. Using bold color and patterns, we crafted an identity that was playful, active, independent and resonated with the founders’ daughter and her friends. 

Freedom to Be Campaign

In order to appeal to their parents, the purchasers, we sought to create a campaign that evoked liberation—from shade, sunscreen and the indoors—to communicate the unique benefits of full-body swimwear. We carried this messaging across materials and created custom hang tags for the product line.  

Made to Keep Cool

The ShadeSuits brand seeks to inspire a trend for full-body swimwear by making it cool for kids to transition from pool to life and easy for parents to protect their kids from sun exposure.