Portland Piano International 


As a self proclaimed niche of niche, Portland Piano International, a performing arts organization, put out an RFP to help them increase awareness and support and appeal to a wider audience. The challenge at hand was name confusion, an aging audience and lack of brand equity when competing with other chamber music organizations.

Strategically Brave

After conducting several Discovery Workshops, we identified that the emphasis of their rebrand should focus on communicating passionate and daring programming, taking the audience on an emotional journey and bringing people together. Their key differentiator, we determined, was to establish PPI as the Solo Piano Series. We asked them to be strategically brave and own their niche by taking the name SOLO.

A Bold Visual Language

We developed a bold, new and strong identity system that could expand across their satellite projects, creating a visual language that would allow them to be more immediately recognizable. We also infused the messaging with more provocative language to offer a persona that was human, passionate and approachable. SOLO—Where We Become One.

A Modern Brand Image

During Discovery they determined their current brand was factual, academic, reserved and distant—their goal was to put forth a brand that clearly communicated the passion and daring feat it takes to be a solo performer and an active audience participant. By modernizing the brand image across print and media we made sure every touchpoint was an opportunity for their audience to think and feel and to be a part of something.

The Next Generation

The new brand offers endless expansion possibilities and sets the stage to attract the next generation of SOLO piano supporters and enthusiasts.