Owning the Vision

Services Logo & Identity / Messaging

While non-profit organization SOLV had a strong brand affinity in the market, there existed a great deal of confusion about what the name stood for. Think Joule was hired by the Executive Director at the direction of the Board to refresh and update the SOLV identity to include the word mark, logo and tagline to more powerfully reflect the brand. This presented an opportunity to ignite the current donor and volunteer base; attract additional prospects, donors, and volunteers; and gain awareness in the market.

Think Joule audited research SOLV had conducted and led in-depth discussions with key constituents. This led to a critical discussion of two separate paths: embrace the traditional definition of the acronym SOLV (Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism) or refresh the name, changing the acronym to the action word SOLVE. 

Guided by Think Joule’s recommendation, the decision was made to move forward with the expanded name, SOLVE, evolving the name into a call to action while maintaining close ties to the original name. A complete identity tagline and messaging refresh provided the platform to reintroduce the important work of this organization.

Positioning for the Future

Think Joule worked closely with the client, creating a new logo that maintained strong ties to the past while positioning the organization’s brand for the future. The new name also provided an opportunity to create taglines and messaging that could be leveraged in significant ways to reinforce the importance of donors and volunteers. Think Joule provided ongoing consultation with SOLVE as they launched the brand across print and digital media.