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Services Brand Strategy / Collateral Materials / Copywriting / Environmental Design / Graphic Design / Messaging / Signage & Wayfinding

Project Goals

Develop a cohesive suite of branded print materials and building signage to establish the brand both on-site as the building was being constructed, and off-site at the pre-leasing center. 


Create a bold and eclectic visual language with inspirational literary references to carry through the leasing materials and exterior signage and appeal to prospective residents


  • Building the brand to use in both sophisticated print materials and punchy, bold exterior signage 
  • Off-site leasing center with competitor signage directly across the street meant the brand needed to both stand out and blend in
  • Quick turnaround time - brand development to print and install was a matter of weeks


  • Expansion of brand identity and visual language 
  • Early awareness construction signage and windmaster 
  • Stationery suite with business cards and letterhead 
  • Leasing brochure to position the project as the choice for the intellectually curious seeking an authentic Portland experience
  • Vibrant and bold branded window clings on pre-leasing center 


A fresh identity with bold and vibrant street presence that aids the leasing team in attracting qualified prospects and tenants