Uniting a Diverse Network

SERVICES Brand Strategy / Collateral Materials / Logo & Identity / Naming / Website

TeamCFA—a growing national network of public charter schools—presented the unique challenge of uniting numerous individual schools of varying location, demographics, and audience under one cohesive brand umbrella. Within the network itself, schools needed thoughtful brand identities to entice potential students and serve as an inspiration to their communities.

Building a Strong Foundation

After initially developing the TeamCFA brand, Think Joule began to partner with each school that joined the network to refine and unify the brand presence.

In addition, Think Joule created a toolkit of replicable collateral and marketing materials that could be deployed across the network, providing a professional, customizable presence for each school while building in design and cost efficiencies for the parent organization. The resulting marketing collateral package encompasses everything the school needs to effectively communicate with target markets, both internal and external.

Scaling Digitally

Think Joule is currently working to bring the same level of professionalism and economy to school websites, overhauling the design and backend to create a scalable system that will meet the needs of every school community and classroom in the network. 

A Brand to Stand Behind

Beyond the practical elements of branding is the renewed sense of purpose and unity that schools express from having this banner to stand behind. From students proudly wearing their school mascot on uniform t-shirts to prospective parents reviewing a beautiful brochure, everybody wins.