Touchmark Values Statement

Ally. Friend. Giver.

SERVICES Copywriting / Environmental Design / Graphic Design

Touchmark, a national leader in compassionate Senior Living, approached Think Joule to expand upon their company core values —hospitality, compassion, excellence, teamwork, and integrity. Having worked with them to bring their sales center to life, we knew the good people of Touchmark lived these values daily and used them as the guiding principles to deliver on their ultimate mission: To enrich people’s lives. 

It was clear to us that the daily interactions between team members and each and every resident were deeply personal and meaningful. It was also clear that these relationships grew out of genuine care and respect. It was important to us, as we crafted their credo, that these small interactions were elevated and given the attention that they deserve. We crafted each word with the loving care that we had seen first hand in touring their properties.

We designed the environmental graphic to give each phrase individual meaning in the context of the whole credo. The final script was unveiled at a company retreat where we are told tears were shed by staff who felt we had truly captured their essence. The result is a striking installation of engraved and painted wood hanging prominently on the main landing of their corporate headquarters. Posters were also designed to hang in every property across 13 states and serve as the guidepost they use to set the standard of excellence every day.