Keeping Pace with an Evolutionary Brand

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Vigillo, a group of nimble software experts and engineers who develop web-based products for the trucking industry, approached us to shed their image of cumbersome enterprise solution consultants. We worked with them to better align their brand to reflect their innovative and responsive approach to organizing complex data, making it visual and actionable. 

Starting with the company logo and tagline, Think Joule worked with Vigillo to develop a strategically brave brand platform that accurately portrayed them as thought leaders.

Think Joule then conducted a comprehensive brand audit to drill down and define the company’s core values, capabilities and differentiators. Out of this audit, key messaging and a strong graphical direction were launched.

Next, the sales team needed a clear way to communicate the company’s featuresome value-add approach to product development to their customers. A comprehensive library of icons was developed to create a visual cue illustrating the depth and value of their core product.

The development of a supplemental suite of branded product sheets followed with high level benefits and related product upgrades designed into the layout. This versatile collateral was produced in digital and print formats for use online and as takeaways at tradeshows.

The website needed to reflect the qualities of the company mission and illustrate the comprehensive product line. From site architecture, to wireframes and a bold new design—complete with infographics and a new blog platform—we reimagined their online presence and delivered a sales oriented, product-driven website.

Tradeshow Booth

Vigillo has a reputation for thought leadership in the industry fueled in large part by their ability to articulate who they are, what they do and why it matters. A big part of their success depends on their consistent presence at industry conferences. We jumped at the chance to design their tradeshow booth to strip away cluttered messaging and provide a powerful backdrop for monitors and iPads to customize their presence at each industry event.


As the company grew so did their product line and their need to convey the breadth of their offerings. This provided a naming opportunity to create a bundled suite of their top products. Think Joule recommended an old transportation term for carving away the hillside on dangerous corners known as Daylighting. The Vigillo CSA Daylight Suite is a very successful product line offering the transportation industry visibility into their hidden data.

Daylight Suite Video

In an effort to help customers quickly grasp the features and benefits of the Daylight Suite we produced a 2 minute video. We developed the script, storyboard and supporting graphics then bundled those off to a local animator. After song selection and working in close collaboration, the final cut came to life in a matter of weeks for use at tradeshows, closed circuit tv and on the homepage of their website.

Growing a Brand Together

The Vigillo brand is as nimble and innovative as the company. A strong platform allows the Vigillo brand to evolve and adapt to the trucking industry’s fast-paced and dynamic market demands. From versatile print ads and collateral, to eye-catching tradeshow booths and the development of a highly successful blog which enjoys thousands of visitors each week, Think Joule continues to be an active partner in all aspects of strategy and vision.

"Vigillo engaged Joule in 2009 to re-brand the company and its products. Joule’s thoughtful, detailed, and long term guidance on every aspect of our brand, from logo and color palette to the voice, tone and attitude we have developed, not only helped us in our explosive growth during 2010 and 2011, but poised us to continue to expand into new areas with new products through 2014 and into the future.

Vigillo has become a well known, highly recognized brand in the very competitive and dynamic transportation industry. I give Joule my highest recommendation."
— Steven Bryan, CEO, Vigillo