Wildwood Realty

Matching You to House & Home

SERVICES: Brand Strategy / Collateral Materials / Copywriting / Digital Strategy / Graphic Design / Logo & Identity / Messaging / Website

Project Goal

Develop a strong foundational brand platform to appeal across a broad market. Design and develop a responsive website with special consideration for use on mobile. 


Evolve the brand to be recognizable and modern, yet simultaneously future proof and timeless. Increase online relevancy by developing a strong universal campaign, leveraging personal and aspirational lifestyle images to target specific markets.


  • Evolve a brand that had just come online
  • Stand out in a highly saturated market
  • Design a mobile first website
  • Incorporate sophisticated touches at economical prices for high rates of use/distribution









  • Brand identity and asset expansion including primary and secondary logomarks
  • Tagline, Vision/Mission Statement 
  • "We Specialize in You" Campaign 
  • Full stationery suite, including Soft Touch business cards and custom email signatures 
  • Visually impactful e-flyer template to increase broker communications 
  • Elegant curbside listing signage with visibility of 100 feet 
  • Highly responsive website with integrated RMLS and IDX Broker


Our client has reported back tremendous response to the new Wildwood Realty brand and has won multiple coveted listings due directly to the increased online presence. The agency has also attracted several new brokers to work exclusively as Wildwood Realty agents.

“We could not be more pleased! Our brand is absolutely, perfectly representative of our service offering and of the quality of service we work so hard to provide. Our clients all report they are proud to have our signs in front of their homes and properties because they absolutely love the design; other realtors report they are jealous of our beautiful brand; and our marketing material is well received and making a positive impact during listing presentations. There simply is no getting around the fact that a beautiful brand is critical in every aspect of a business. ”