January 05, 2015

Welcoming a New Year!

Here’s wishing you all the promise the New Year can bring. May you experience at least one spectacular sunrise. Splash your feet in an ocean. Share a kiss with someone you love. Bring a smile to someone who needs it.  Do one thing that scares you. Do many things that thrill you. Create something lasting and memorable. All the best in 2015 from your friends at Think Joule. Read More...
December 02, 2014

Game Changers

We love clients who are strategically brave—those who are willing to take a leap of faith and get behind a great idea. An idea, of course, grounded in strategy. It takes a strong brand platform and self-confidence to launch a strategically brave advertising campaign. Look no further than Portland’s own backyard at Marylhurst College with their target market appropriate, “The University for Grown-ups” campaign, or the Portland Timbers, who dared showcase images of fans rather than players through… Read More...
November 18, 2014

We've Launched!

Think, create, deliver, we turned the tables on ourselves and the result is the announcement of our brand new website. Inspired by our physical digs in NW Portland, we finally took the well-deserved time to redesign our virtual digs at which now fully reflects the passion, creativity, and inspiration that goes into each and every day here at Think Joule.  One of the best aspects of redesigning our website has been the opportunity to revisit our portfolio. We’re grateful for the b… Read More...
November 14, 2014

A Tour of Stevens IS

Recently, the Think Joule team headed over to Stevens IS for our long awaited tour with the best rep an office could ask for, Tyler Ashcraft, seen above presiding over the well ordered chaos of the press floor. Over the past few years our studio has developed a great relationship with Stevens IS who’s plied us with helpful consultations, copious samples, delicious pastry, and fantastic finished pieces. Tyler has taken it upon himself to lead us through the production of many projects, including … Read More...
April 02, 2014

Concrete Creatives

Much has been written about the characteristics of Gen Y, at 70 million strong, a generation almost as large as the Baby Boomers. This great swell of individuals will have much to say about how our world unfurls in the future. Their purchasing decisions will drive the behavior of companies all over the planet. Understanding this vast group, what influences them, how they make decisions and what is most dear to them is fodder for everyone from educators to manufacturers. Joule believes that slic… Read More...