Inviting the Outside In


In partnership with the Mackenzie Workplace Design Lab, Think Joule was selected by the new ownership of OMP to reimagine and reposition this Class A office space. Already in a prime downtown Portland location, our challenge was to craft the unique value proposition and develop the strategy that would reinvigorate and reenergize their dated image. Our task was to develop the brand story and identity by collaborating and coordinating all design decisions with Mackenzie.

A Brand Refresh

After discovery, we identified strategic goals for a successful repositioning. Our first recommendation was a refresh to bring cohesion and vitality back to the brand. The brand needed a fresh approach to match the modern workplace and the elements of nature that inspire many of the renovations.

Color & Custom Pattern

We developed a color palette derived from Mackenzie’s new interiors design and created a fresh and modern identity complete with a custom pattern based on the updated OMP logo. We leveraged the new look and feel throughout the lobby and leasing center.








Signage & Wayfinding

With a big investment in upgrading the building corridors, it was imperative that the wayfinding presented a clean and modern aesthetic to match the exquisite materials used throughout. We designed custom signage and thoughtfully chose materials to accentuate the Italian porcelain tiling and muted color palette.

Brand Persona

Because of its location off the Hawthorne bridge, we determined that OMP is in a unique position to bridge the east/west divide, drawing creative talent from the Eastside while maintaining its roots on the Westside. We elevated the attributes of this desirable central location through messaging that emphasizes the unique Class A amenities that contribute to making OMP a premier workplace destination and gateway to the greater city.

An Impactful Leasing Center

We brought the brand to life across the lobby and the leasing center. Our challenge was to balance the demand that the leasing center offer an immersive experience, yet be completely transportable in the inevitable event that the space was leased. In response, we created a series of freestanding boards arranged in vignettes and crafted the complete story of all the features and amenities that make OMP a premier destination for the modern day worker.